DeepSeaSupply Product Instructions


DSS Basic Hogarthian Harness Rigging Guide:

These are the parts you start with:

  • 1 Roll of Resin reinforced 2" webbing
  • Knife with sheath
  • 3 pieces of inner tube
  • 1 waist buckle
  • 2 bent Drings
  • 1 straight Dring
  • 3 serrated keepers

The crotch strap is furnished assembled with the sewn in "Scooter" dring, the "butt" dring and serrated keeper, and the plain keeper used to secure it to the backplate.

Step 1:

Plate shown with the tank side up.

Position the middle of the 2" webbing on the middle of the tank side of the back plate. Feed the webbing through the angled slots to the diver's side of the plate, and back through the upper slots.

Step 2:

Plate shown with diver's side up.

First slide one piece of the inner tube up the left strap, and fit one bent dring and keeper on each shoulder strap.

Step 3:

Plate shown with diver's side up.

Slide one piece of inner tube on to each shoulder below the Dring. Feed the shoulder straps through the lower harness slots. The outside edge of the shoulder strap should be in contact with the top of the inner slot.

Step 4:

Plate shown with diver's side up.

Feed the end of the webbing back thru the outboard slot, this becomes the waist strap. Please note: The DSS Stainless Back Plates include molded in rubber strips inside the lower slots to keep the webbing from slipping, there is no need to put weight belt keepers on the backside of the plate. Fit one of the Straight drings on the left waist strap, and slide the knife sheath on to the left waist strap.

Step 5:

Plate shown from both sides.

Lace the crotch strap through the horizontal slot the bottom of the plate and back through the plain keeper a second time. The webbing goes through the keeper, through the plate and then back through the keeper a second time. The fourth dring, one of the straight drings, is shipped already laced onto the crotch strap. After adjusting the harness and crotch strap this "butt" d ring should be about one "hand" below the lower edge of the plate.

Lace the waist belt buckle on to the left waist strap as shown. Initially it is recommended that the waist belt be left long, and the excess webbing extend beyond the buckle. This can be trimmed after all required adjustments are made.

This is the Basic Rigged Harness, now it needs to be adjusted to fit the diver.

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