1 meter SMB, ORANGE, oral inflate

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Product Description

Features: 1 meter SMB, ORANGE, oral inflate

RF welded from Orange Urethane Coated Nylon. 1" Stainless Steel Dring for line attachment. Easily replaced 1/8 inch bungee Stow wrap. Oral Inflate only. Unique ultra low profile OPV. Tapered Design with SOLAS Tape at top.

Low volume (5lbs lift) easily fully inflates with less than one full breath. Tapered design reduces the mass at the top of the marker and concentrates the buoyancy at the bottom. This marker takes less weight to upright. Because less weight is required to upright the marker, and the buoyancy is greatest at the bottom, more of the marker remains above the surface of the water.

The unique single piece OPV allows inflation at depth, and permits the marker to be rolled into a very small package, easily carried in a pocket.