Delrin Thumbwheels, 8mm, per pair

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Product Description

Tired of Metal Wing nuts? Small and easy to loose, requires a loose washer, hard to get tight, don't work if the male thread is not perfect, seizes easily, hard on exposure suit………. Stainless Wing Nuts are easy to hate! No washers required, flat or lock.

Molded from Delrin DeepSeaSupply's thumbwheels are an all plastic replacement for Metal Wing Nuts. Tested to over 2000lbs each. These Delrin Thumbwheels won't seize, even if the males threads aren't perfect, offer a much larger diameter for hand tightening and removing, and are lower profile with no sharp edges.

Designed for securing Banded Double Tanks or Single Tank Adapters to Back Plates.

Delrin Thumbwheels, 8mm, per pair