17 lbs Tropical Travel Wing (TTW-17)

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Product Description

The DSS Tropical Travel Wing is produced using Single Bladder Construction. Single bladder construction uses a single layer of cordura and urethane laminate. This differs from all other DSS wings which use a sewn outer shell and pure urethane inner bladder.

Single Bladder Construction offers the advantages of lighter weight, lower bulk, faster drying and some what lower cost compared to wings with sewn outer shells and separate inner bladders. The disadvantage of single bladder construction is less durablity and greater difficulty in repair.

Very Narrow Design. Introduced in 2004, the DSS LCD Wings first used the extremely narrow, 3 inch wide center panel design. This contrasts with other wings available at the time that have ~8 inch wide center panels, about the width of the tank. DSS LCD wings use both the Back Plate and the tank to control the shape of the wing. This permits a wing with a very narrow overall profile. The Single Tank Torus Wings continue this concept.

Quick Mount center windows and built in Wobble Stopper. Using the same custom molded, sewn in elastomeric components found on the popular LCD wings, the new Single Tank Torus permit quick and easy mounting and demounting. Secure tank attachment without requiring the extra parts and cost of a Single Tank Adapter (STA) is a key feature.

One OPV or Rear Dump. Mounted on the diver's lower left, on the divers side of the wing. Equipped with a 3mm knotted pull cord approximately 4" long.

Simple Elbow. No rapid exhaust, or pull Dump on the 14 inch Inflator Hose, Lp Hose and lp hose release are included with every wing.

Generic Power Inflator widely used in the industry, making parts and service easily available.
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