Torus 35, Full Circle Style Single Tank Wing W/ 30 mil bladder

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Product Description

30 mil (.030 inches) Thick Bladders, Thickest Bladders Available!

Most wings use 12 mil, some use 15 mil, a few use 25 mil. No other brand of wings offers ultra thick 30 mil urethane bladders.

No Zipper! These new wings are sewn shut. The new heavy duty 30 mil urethane bladder material eliminates the need to access the bladder via a zipper. No zipper to fail, or get pinched between the tank and plate. Simple, clean clutter free wing design.

30 mil urethane RF welded inner bladder. Most wing bladders are .012 inches to .015 inches in thickness. At .030 inches (30 mil) DSS bladders offer improved resistance to impact damage.

Very Narrow Design. Introduced in 2004, the DSS LCD Wings first used the extremely narrow, 3 inch wide center panel design. This contrasts with other wings available at the time that have ~ 6- 8 inch wide center panels, about the width of the tank. DSS Single tank wings use both the Back Plate and the tank to control the shape of the wing. This permits a wing with a very narrow overall profile. The Single Tank Torus Wings continue this concept.

Rugged Construction 1050 Ballistic Nylon Outer Shell, Sewn throughout with #138 Bonded Nylon thread, top stitched for extra seam strength. Using the same custom molded, sewn in elastomeric components, Single Tank Torus permit quick and easy mounting and demounting. Secure tank attachment without requiring the extra parts and cost of a Single Tank Adapter (STA) is a key feature.

One OPV or Rear Dump. Mounted on the diver's left, on the diver's side of the wing. Equipped with a knotted pull cord.

Simple Elbow. No rapid exhaust or pull Dump on the 13 inch Inflator Hose, 18 inch Lp Hose and Lp hose release are included with every wing. Generic Power Inflator widely used in the industry, making parts and service easily available.

More about the Zipper less Design. New materials permit new designs. There are successful wing designs that use zippers, but zippers have never been my first choice. They add cost, can jam, can be difficult to install, and difficult to use. They can't be installed on a compound curve, and make the wing stiff and non compliant. They add bulk when packing. All of our wings that use zippers have short, heavy duty zippers. These are always installed on a simple curve.

Why have a zipper at all?

In a wing that uses a sewn outer shell and a welded inner bladder (so called double bladder designs) the zipper provides access to install, repair, or replace the theory anyway.

Some minor pinch flats can be repaired without removing the bladder, by opening the zipper and applying glue or patches. These easy field repairs are a benefit of double bladder designs. The use of a very thick (30 mil vs.12 mil) urethane for the inner bladder greatly reduces the chances of damage occurring to the inner bladder, making zippered access largely unnecessary.

If a wing should require a replacement bladder this can be easily accomplished by returning the wing to DSS. Most repairs are completed in 1-2 days.
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