LCD 50 Doubles Wing W/ 30 mil bladder

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Product Description

30 mil (.030 inches) Thick Bladders, Thickest Bladders Available!

Most wings use 12 mil, some use 15 mil, a few use 25 mil. No other brand of wings offers ultra thick 30 mil urethane bladders.

30 mil urethane RF welded inner bladder. Most wing bladders are .012 inches to .015 inches in thickness. At .030 inches (30 mil) DSS bladders offer improved resistance to impact damage.

Rugged Construction 1050 Ballistic Nylon Outer Shell, Sewn throughout with #138 Bonded Nylon thread, top stitched for extra seam strength.

One OPV or Rear Dump. Mounted on the diver's lower left, on the divers side of the wing. Equipped with a 3mm knotted pull cord approximately 4" long.

Simple Elbow. No rapid exhaust or pull Dump on the 16 inch Inflator Hose, 18 inch Lp Hose and Lp hose release are included with every wing. Generic Power Inflator widely used in the industry, making parts and service easily available.

Generously sized #10 Vislon YKK zipper in the top arc of the wing.
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