Stainless Finger Spool, 200 ft capacity, bare

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Product Description

Why Stainless Steel?

Most Spools are plastic, (we make plastic spools also), but plastic has it's limitations. Most plastic spools are machined for a solid rod, typically delrin. Delrin is expensive, and is readily available in diameters up to 3 inch. All machined plastic spools are 3 inch or slightly smaller. This is not necessarily the ideal size.

Forming spools from sheet Stainless allows freedom in design. A slightly larger diameter, ~3.3" spool has greater capacity, larger center hole, and is thinner in profile than plastic spools. With stainless the perimeter holes can be closer to the edge without fear of breakage. This also adds capacity to the spool.

16 gauge 304L Stainless Steel sheet is waterjet cut and formed with a 100 ton press to make spool halves. TIG welded together, polished and passivated for long rust free life. Light weight, and slim. The center hole is large diameter, and features a generous radius for easy handling even with thick gloves.

A word about capacity………….

Often spools are sold as “100 ft" or “150 ft", but if that much line it is impossible to clip off. To use the spool line must be removed, in effect making a “100 ft" spool into a ~75ft.

DeepSeaSupply Spools have True rated Capacity, you can load the rated amount of #24 line and clip off.

3.3 inch in diameter x 2.25 inch wide