Pro-Fit Hybrid Kydex / Stainless Steel BackPlate, Medium

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Product Description

DSS back plate features angled harness slots and a much flatter profile than other plates. This results in greater comfort and a lower profile when used with a single tank. Medium size fits most divers from 5 ft. 3 in. to 6 ft. 0 in.

Single tank cam strap slots are located to avoid interference with harness webbing.

Large diameter holes located near the plate edge permits easy attachment of clip on accessories. This not possible with stamped plates

Oversized 16 ga Stainless Reinforcements Rivet attached at each loaded webbing location. Oversized Stainless assures webbing bears on deburred plastic edge, not sharp Stainless.

Precision Waterjet cut from 1/8 thick Kydex,high toughness plastic alloy. Slightly flexible for improved comfort. Less than 1 lb. negative.

Dive Doubles? No Problem Holes and slots are provided at 11" centers for mounting Double tanks. Lower Slots allow easy mounting of doubles with bands that are not exactly at 11" centers.

Uniformly bent using one shot bending die to ensure consistent flatter profile.


Pro-Fit Hybrid Kydex / Stainless Steel BackPlate, Medium