Exposure Suit Thigh Pocket, Ballistic Nylon Back

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Product Description

Features: Exposure Suit Thigh Pocket, Ballistic Nylon Back

6" wide, 11" tall and 3" deep. Dual Internal Pouches. Pleated design folds flat when empty. 1050 Ballistic Construction throughout. #138 Bonded Nylon Thread. Generous Heavy duty Mesh Drains. Large Velcro flap. Bungee Loop grommets already installed. Pencil holder on each side.

Security and Ease of Attachment:

Oversized 10" x 14" Back offers ease of attachment and greatly increases pocket retention. By extending the pocket backing beyond the outline of the actual pocket, and eliminating the binding tape typically used to finish the edge of glue on pockets, the DSS pocket is much easier to successfully mount. Extending the back beyond the outline of the pocket means the corners of the pocket are much less likely to peel up in use. This design loads the corners of the pocket in shear, not peel. Adhesives perform much better in shear. With no binding tape at the edge of the DSS pocket there is no “bump" to try and glue down. Heat Seal Melco tape is furnished with the Ballistic backed pockets to finish the installation for a clean profession look.

Available with a Ballistic Nylon back. The Ballistic Nylon has the coated side towards the suit. This coated side better accepts adhesive and will not require the many coats of glue often required on uncoated nylon weaves.