RB-40 Wing

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Designed specifically for Rebreathers this wing is NOT an OC doubles wing, or an OC Singles wing.

Short at ~ 23 inches and wider than any DSS singles wing, but not as wide as a Doubles wing the RB-40 provides 40 lbs of lift while providing good access to the tank valves.

The OPV is positioned far outboard. This position is free of interference and allows easy venting of all the gas in the wing.

The fill hose is offset 2 5/8 inches from the center. This has been demonstrated to work well with Megs and Classic Kiss RBs

A Horseshoe design means there is no bladder in the bottom of the wing to be damaged from shorter canisters.

The large window in the center panel of this wing provides easy routing of hoses /advs

Furnished complete with 19 inch corrugated hose and 30 inch lp hose.

One OPV or Rear Dump. Mounted on the diver's lower left, on the divers side of the wing. Equipped with a 3mm knotted pull cord approximately 4" long.

Constructed of genuine 1050 ballistic Nylon outer shell, and 30 mil rf welded inner bladder. Stitched throughout with #138 thread.


RB-40 Wing

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