Sierra Fury 1150 Lithium Ion Battery

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Product Description

Li-Ion Replacement battery for Dive Xtras Sierra Scooter.

Direct replacement. Nominally 24 volts at 50 amp hour.

Note: This battery Provides approximately 150% of the total capacity of the previous DSS Sierra battery Pack.

Approximately 4 times the runtime of the OEM 13 amp hour NiMh battery

Sierra Scooters using this battery can be trimmed for fresh and salt water. As this battery is heavier than the original DSS Sierra Pack there is no need for the Stainless Steel ballast plate offered as optional equipment with the previous Li-Ion Sierra Battery.

Requires dedicated charger available separately

Large Li-Ion batteries are considered Hazardous Material and cannot travel on Passenger aircraft. Domestic shipping restrictions also apply. For complete information please email DSS.

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