Single Piece Hogarthian Harness

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Product Description


12 ft of 2inch resin reinforced webbing

2 each Bent 2 inch Drings

3 each unbent 2 inch Drings

3 each serrated webbing keeper

1 Plain Webbing Keeper

1 Custom Webbing Keeper

1 each waist buckle

1 sewn soft webbing crotch strap

1 each Dalton Safety Knife and Sheath

3 each Bicycle Inner tube Loops

12 ft #24 braided Nylon Line


1. Some of these items may not appear in the photo.

2. The Crotch Strap assembly consists of:

43 inch Soft edged 2 inch webbing

1 sewn in unbent 2 inch Dring (scooter ring)

1 Plain Keeper to attach crotch strap to plate

1 Loose unbent Dring (butt dring)

1 Custom Keeper to mount Butt dring

Crotch strap is furnished assembled with these parts


Single Piece Hogarthian Harness