Valve Flusher for Power inflators and Dry Suit Inflators

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Product Description

The DSS Valve Flusher allows the users to flush fresh water through either BC power inflator or Drysuit inflator.

Get that salt and sand out of those critical valves!

Furnished complete with a Shut Off ball valve, the Valve Flusher connects to any standard Garden Hose (NH 3/4 x 11.5 thread)

Simply push on to the Quick Disconnect Nipple of either inflator. With a build in retention ridge, the elastomeric Valve Flusher will stay attached at water pressures up to 100 PSI. Most domestic water supply pressures are 65 psi or less.

Makes gear cleaning just a little bit easier.

Includes Black Molded Flusher and Plastic Shut Off ball valve.